Getting Started with Salesforce Social Studio Series — Engage

Alessia Mastroianni
9 min readJun 16, 2021

It is impossible to talk about social media without talking about social “engagement”.


The majority of the social media user, if not ALL users, engage, in one way or another, with their social community. We like posts on Facebook, we retweet on Twitter, we DM our closest followers, we add a heart to Instagram photos, we celebrate and support Linkedin posts and we cannot stop scrolling!
Being active and engaging on social media is not something reserved for the end consumers and their personal lives. Now, more than ever, we expect businesses to respond and react to our queries and interactions, and we expect it pronto.

How many people use Twitter to raise complaints and shout out about the terrible customer service they received? How many leave reviews on Facebook?
Ignoring your consumers, even if “just” online, is not going to help you be a successful business. Keeping on top of all the interactions manually on the native platforms, or using separate tools, is not sustainable. Salesforce Social Studio allows you to perform all your social management activities under one platform.

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